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Signature Pictures Partners with Procam

Wednesday 23rd December 2015

Signature Pictures, a social enterprise film production company dedicated to tackling youth unemployment, partnered with Procam for its latest film, ‘When I Grow Up…’ In partnership with Jobcentre Plus, the project provides unemployed young people with trainee positions in every department of the production and the opportunity to work alongside seasoned and award-winning film industry professionals.

Twenty young jobseekers in the Yorkshire region were selected by Heads of Departments across production to receive an introductory training session and bespoke on-set training during the shoot in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

A short thriller, ‘When I Grow Up …’ is set in the Yorkshire Moors, starring Hugo Speer (BBC’s The Musketeers, Nymphomaniac, The Interpreter, The Full Monty) in the lead role.

Sami Larabi, Signature Productions Commercial Director says, “We are delighted that Procam has partnered with us in creating opportunity for young, aspirational people who have love of film but lack the belief or contacts to enter the film industry. Not only have Procam assisted with the making of ‘When I Grow Up..’, they have also provided potential employment options to some of our relevant candidates. We are very excited about the continuing possibilities between the partnership."

Signature Productions prides itself in filling a critical gap in provision for the many talented young people who lack the contacts, resources or belief necessary to develop a career in the creative industries or find meaningful work. As a technical partner, Procam is thrilled to be of support to Signature Pictures in its dedicated effort to empower young people and their passion for the TV industry.

Procam Group CEO, John Brennan says, “We understand the importance of providing future generations the skills, experience and training necessary for employment in the industry today. Partnering with Signature Pictures allows us to help young jobseekers who may not have the right skill set and support, but do possess the drive and determination to succeed. We are delighted to share our 25+ years of experience and technical knowledge with Signature Pictures to support the success of future leaders in the industry.”

The short film is scheduled for release in 2016.

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