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TLS PL 58mm Petzval Lens left

TLS PL 58mm Petzval Lens T2.1

True Lens Services' Swirl 85mm Petzval lens is the perfect portraiture lens. Use this lens when you want your subject to be the sharp centre of attention with bokeh effect. 

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TLS PL 85mm Petzval Lens left

TLS PL 85mm Petzval Lens T2.1

Swirl effect bokeh with a sharp centre. An ideal lens for portraiture.

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The ZEISS CP.2 25mm T2.1 Compact Prime Lens is a wide angle, prime lens that ZEISS has optimized for motion pictures. This wide angle lens supports full frame format cameras, with coverage for up to 36 x 24mm. The cine-style housing features industry standard gearing for the focus and iris barrels, and the longer, cine-style focus "throw" enables more precise adjustments.

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The ZEISS Compact Prime CP.2 135mm/T2.1 PL Mount is a cine prime lens designed for filmmaking and video production applications. Aside from great optics and mechanics, it offers broad flexibility in the areas of camera compatibility, follow-focus compatibility, and shooting capacity.

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Canon CN20x50 50-1000mm Lens

An ultra-telephoto CINE-SERVO lens, the CN20 x50 IAS H E1/P1 offers stunning 4K performance, 20x zoom and a 1.5x built-in extender for an unrivalled 50-1000mm focal length (75-1500mm with extender). Ideal for sports events and wildlife applications.

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Angenieux Optimo 16-42mm T2.8 Lens

The Angenieux Optimo16-42 T2.8 is a lightweight and compact PL mount zoom lens. 

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Set of Arri Master Primes T1.3 F

Set of ARRI / ZEISS Master Primes T1.3

The Master Prime Lenses finally realised a cinematographer's dream: lenses that are both fast and have an optical performance surpassing that of all standard speed primes.

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Atlas Orion 2x Anamorphic Prime Lens Set

Atlas Orion Series 'Set A' 2X Anamorphic Prime Lens Set with 40mm, 65mm and 100mm.

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Atlas 1.6X LF Extender

The Atlas LF Extender is a PL to PL mount adapter that’s optimised for Orion Series 2x anamorphic primes (32mm to 100mm).

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