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Copying 50Mbps footage from a PMW-100, PMW-200, PMW-500 or PMW-150?

Read on for a simple tip which will save you hours of frustration...

One of our most common calls from clients is regarding slow transfer of footage from SxS cards shot on Sony’s range of 50Mbps HD 422 camcorders.

Sony 32 GB memory card

In order to be able to record at 50Mbps HD 422, Sony chose to use the UDF format for recording to SxS card, rather than the FAT32 format used by the EX series of camcorder.

To transfer the footage at optimum speed it is necessary to install not only the SxS driver for the card, but also the Sony UDF driver for this file format.

Failure to do this will result in the Mac or PC using its own internal driver and taking more than three hours to copy instead of around twenty minutes.

How can I do this?

Install the Sony SxS Driver first, available here

Followed by the Sony  UDF Driver, available here


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